Manufacturers of Custom and Standard Industrial Embedded Single-Board Computers

Terminal Boards

Picture of a Dallas Chip#1057 STB-20, 20 position

Use STB terminal boards to terminate flat cables with screw terminals for connection to field wiring.  The screw terminals accept solid or stranded wire from 22 to 12 gauge.

Use CMA cables to connect the STB terminal boards to the RPC series cards.  The STB-26 differs from the other STB cards in that it has two 26-pin  connectors for daisy chaining.

Picture of the STB-26 for a Single-Board Computer#2820 RoHSRoHS - STB26, 26 position


Ordering Information
#1057   STB-20, 20 position
 #2820   RoHS STB-26, 26 position