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Picture of the RPC-330 Single-Board Computer





Function Description
Digital I/O
The RPC-150 has 47 digital I/O lines to interface with 0-5V switch and sensor inputs and provide logic level outputs.   Seven of these lines also drive relays, lamps, and other loads rated up to 50V and 250 mA.  You can use eight of the 47 lines for the keypad port.  If you are not using a keypad, these lines are available for general use.

A CMA-26 cable connects to a MPS series opto rack or STB-26 terminal board. 

Serial Ports  
The two RS-232 serial ports interface with modems, displays, scales, printers, terminals, smart instruments, and other serial devices.  The ports have fully programmable baud rates, stop bits, and parity.  CAMBASIC buffers input characters so none are missed.  Printed characters transmit in the background while the program continues.

Flash EPROM Programmer
The RPC-150 has an integral EPROM programmer for saving programs.  You can store approximately 800 lines of CAMBASIC code in a 32K EPROM.  The "SAVE" command stores the program in flash EPROM for autorun on power-up. 

Fast Setup - Begin programming in 5 minutes

There are no programs to install.   Simply run a terminal program (such as Windows Terminal, Hyperterm(r), Procomm(r), ect).  Windows Terminal and Hyper Terminal are included with Windows.

Set the baud rate and port and your PC is set up.  Connect a cable from the card to the PC.  Apply power to the board.  You will get a sign on message like the one shown below.

Picture of the setup screen for a Single-Board Computer

You can begin to program immediately.  Run the sample programs supplied with the card.  Begin scanning a keypad, opto module, control a motor,  or do calculations as desired right away.  In less than 5 minutes you can begin programming.

Technical Specifications
64180 operating at 9.216 MHz.

Memory Capacity:  
RAM:       32K
Flash EPROM:  32K

Digital I/O: 
47 I/O lines are TTL logic compatible using 82C55 IC's.  All lines have 10K pull-up resistors for interfacing with switches.  

Keypad Port:
8 of the 47 digital lines interface to the keypad port.  Debouncing and scanning performed in software.

Serial Ports: 
Both serial ports are RS-232C compatible.  Baud rate, length, parity, and stop bits are programmable.  Input and output are interrupt driven, full duplex.

-30C to 80C

Power Requirements:   
4.85V to 5.25V at 120 mA.  RS-232 voltages generated on card. 

4.5" x 6.5"

Erasing is done electrically and does not require a UV erasure or 12V programming supply.

Below is a partial list of accessories.  Contact Remote Processing for accessories suitable for your application.

Ordering Information:




RPC-150 with 32K RAM, hardware manual.  



VTC-10 Serial cable, connects between board and PC.


CMA-26 Ribbon cable.  2 Ft. long, 26 line ribbon cable.  Connects between STB-26 and board.


STB-26 Terminal Board.  Provides a convenient way of attaching external wires to the board.  Use in conjunction with #1031 ribbon cable.


DS1213C battery backup for 32K RAM.


DS1216EM.  Real time battery backup clock.


KP-3 keypad with cable and set of interchangeable keys.


Cambasic Software manual. Download Here for Free