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RP-10 Programming Adapter

Picture of the RPC-10 Prgramming Adapter
  • Run and debug C or Assembly programs
  • Use with RPC-320 and RPC-330
  • All memory and I/O functions accessible
  • Save program to on card flash programmer
  • Includes monitor ROM, drivers


The RP-10 adapter board allows the development and debug of C or assembly language programs on the RPC-320 or RPC-330.   It simply plugs into existing memory sockets on the board.  The monitor ROM allows you to download programs to RAM, set breakpoints, save programs to Flash EPROM, and perform memory and I/O manipulation.
 Included are drivers in C and assembly language to access display, keypad, digital I/O, counters, analog I/O, and serial I/O.  Examples show how to access up to 512K of RAM or Flash EPROM.  Source code for the monitor is also included.
 The RP-10 can be used with a number of C compilers and assemblers from different sources.  A list of compiler companies follows.  Supplied example code is for the Dunfield Development Systems package.
 Function Description
 Shared Memory 

 The processors on the RPC-320 and RPC-330 use Harvard architecture, meaning code and data can not occupy the same space.  The RP-10 is designed so code and data occupy the same space and make up to 512K of RAM and flash EPROM available.
Monitor ROM   
The monitor has the following commands:

Monitor ROM source code is included with the documentation.  The monitor ROM is mapped from 0 to 1FFFH.  Interrupts vector to RAM where they can be modified for development.  All 80C320 interrupts  
are supported in this manner.

Programming Environment  
The RP-10 plugs into the RPC-320 or -330 RAM and EPROM sockets during development only.
A RPC-320/330 card is connected to a PC's serial port through a VTC-9F cable.  Communication takes place at 9600 baud.  A terminal emulation program is required on the PC to communicate and download code.  When the RPC card is powered on, a sign on message appears.
The monitor ROM is mapped from 0000H to 1FFFH.  RAM code/external memory space is mapped from 2000H to FFFFH.  A PEEL on the card maps the RAM so it is always accessed on machine code instructions (*PSEN) and is accessible as external memory.  Your code can access all of 32K,128K, or 512K of Ram or flash EPROM.  Maximum code size is 56K.
Maximum program size using a 32K RAM on the RP-10 is about 24K.  With a 128K or 512K RAM, maximum program size is about 56K. Code and external memory share the same space, so space for code may decrease as the need for external RAM increases in segment 0. 
Programming may be in C or assembly.  Examples were written using Dunfield Development Systems Micro-C and a 2500AD assembler.  Many other compilers and assemblers can be used. 
A finished program may be saved to a Flash EPROM on board.  This Flash is a 29C256 type and is included with the RP-10.   Maximum program size is 32K. Up to 64K program may be run from the RPC card, but an external programmer is required to program a 27C512 EPROM.
Memory Map
Some areas of external RAM are used exclusively for data while other areas are shared with code.   RAM from 0000H to 01FFFH is exclusively external RAM.  Most  compilers use this area to store global variables and strings.  The monitor uses external RAM from 02000H to 020FFH for break points, register status, and it is used by the interrupts to jump to service routines.  Many third party compiler/ debuggers use this space for their monitors.  Space from 02100H to 0FFFFH is usable as code or external RAM data.  Memory from 10000H to 7FFFFH is used for data logging.  A 512K Flash EPROM is also accessible for data storage.
C Compiler     
A robust C compiler is available from Keil Software. We highly recommend Keil compilers for use with our single board computers.

Technical Specifications
Memory Capacity
RAM:     32K, 128K, or 512K
EPROM: 27C256 type mapped from 0000H to 1FFFH
Program: Maximum download program is 56K bytes with 128K, 24K bytes with 32K RAM installed.
Access Time   
RAM and EPROM access times should be 80 ns or less.
Memory Map 
EPROM:    0000H to 1FFFH as code only
RAM:         00000H to 01FFFH as external RAM only.  02000H to 0FFFFH as external RAM or code.  10000H to 7FFFFH as external RAM only.
Size:   2.375" x 1.687"
Mounting:   Plugs directly in RAM and EPROM sockets on RPC-320 or RPC-330.
Ordering Information
1625    RP-10 with manual, monitor ROM, application notes and drivers on disk.

Order #
1632       High speed (70 ns) 32KB Flash EPROM (AT29C256)
1038       128K RAM
1039        512K RAM