Manufacturers of Custom and Standard Industrial Embedded Single-Board Computers

Dallas Chips - Real Time Clock & Battery Backup

Picture of a Dallas Chip

DS1213C/D Smartsocket

The Smartsocket is used to battery backup static RAM.  The 28 pin DS1213C is used for 32K RAM on the RPC-150.  The 32 pin DS1213D is used for 32K or 128K RAMs on the RPC-320 or RPC-2300.  The lithium battery maintains the contents of RAM for 5-10 years at room temperature. 

DS1216D/EM Smartwatch

The Smartwatch adds a battery backed calendar/clock to the control computers.  The DS1216EM is used with the RPC-150 and -2300 only.  The DS1216DM is used with the RPC-320 and -330.  The DS1216DM also battery backs RAM on these cards.  The lithium battery keeps the battery running for 5-10 years.  Accuracy is 1 second per month typical at 25C.