Manufacturers of Custom and Standard Industrial Embedded Single-Board Computers

Price List

Price List Prices subject to change without notice.  Call for latest pricing. Single-Board Computer Prices are single piece - call for quantity pricing  

Single-Board Computer Pricing

Prices are single piece - call for quantity pricing

  Order#         Description Price
1932  RPC-30  with 128K RAM, hw manual $310.
1060  RPC-52  with 128K RAM, hw manual $275.
1195  RPC-150 with 32K RAM, hw manual $195.
1802  SBS-150H (Octagon version) $250.
1760  RPC-210 w/512K RAM, 512K flash, manual $315.
2837  RPC-320 with 512K RAM, 512K EPROM, manual RoHS leafRoHS $545.
1455  RPC-330 with 32K RAM, 32K EPROM, manual $395.
1460  RPC-330 with 128K RAM, 512K EPROM, manual $440.
1770  RPC-2350 with 128K RAM & Flash, hw manual $435.




  Order#  Description Price
1031  CMA-26-24 ribbon cable $15.
1049  CMA-20-24 ribbon cable $15.
1041  VTC-9F serial cable $10.
1192  VTC-10 serial cable $15.
1724  VTC-29F dual serial cable $25.



  Order# Description  Price
1033  LCD 4 x 40 character display with cable, back light $ 125.
1032  LCD 4 x 20 character display with  cable, back light $75.


Terminal Boards

         Order# Description  Price
2820  STB-26 RoHS Terminal Board $33.
1057  STB-20 Terminal Board $27.



Order# Description
1037 16 position keypad, model KP-3, w/cable, interchangeable keys $ 135.


Memory, Battery Backup, IC's, and Calendar/Clock

          Order#  Description  Price
1038  128K RAM $45.
1039  512K RAM $45.
1301  512K flash EPROM $45.
2804 DS1251Y 512K BB RAM & Smartwatch $75.
1663 DS1230Y 32K battery backup RAM $50.
1199  DS1213C 32K RAM battery backup - obsolete, use part 1663  
1201  DS1213D 128K RAM battery backup - obsolete, use part 2804  
1202  DS1216EM Smartwatch Calendar/Clock - obsolete, call Remote Processing  
1343  DS1216DM Calendar/clock with battery backup - obsolete, use part 2804  
1502  DS1216D512 Battery backup/clock for 512K RAM - obsolete, use part 2804  
1454  12 BIT D/A converter for RPC-330 (1 channel) $40.
1678  4-20 ma kit, 1 channel $29.


Opto Racks

    Order#  Description Price
1046  MPS-8 8 position opto rack $70.
1047  MPS-16 16 position opto rack $110.
1048  MPS-24 24 position opto rack $150.



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 Order#  Description Price
1043  RPC-30 Hardware $25.
1085  RPC-52 Hardware $25.
1366  RPC-320 Hardware $25.
1463  RPC-330 Hardware $25.
1084  BASIC-52 $25.
1042  CAMBASIC $35.


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International Orders

International orders may be placed direct to Remote Processing,  or else placed through the distributor in areas that are served by a local distributor.  Small orders (less than US $5,000) are best by credit card.  Other options include prepaid by a money order, wire bank transfer, or letter of credit.  Credit card orders must include an account number, the card holder's name, card type, and expiration date.  We do not accept COD orders for international business.

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