Manufacturers of Custom and Standard Industrial Embedded Single-Board Computers

MPS Opto Racks

Picture of an Opto Rack for a Single-Board Computer #1046  MPS-08, 8 position

Opto-isolated modules are used for any of the following reasons:


Picture of a Keypad Accessory #1047  MPS-16, 16 position


The MPS series have a footprint that is 29-44 percent smaller than standard opto racks.  The MPS-08, -16, and -25 racks hold 8, 16, and 24 G4 or G5 modules.  G4 modules can switch up to 240V DC or AC at 3A or sense voltages from 3 to 240V.  BASIC commands control or read these modules directly.  The MPS racks interface with the RPC card's digital I/O port using a CMA-26 ribbon cable.  All unused lines from the digital port go to screw terminals, as in the STB-26. 

Picture of the MPS-24 Opto Rack #1048  MPS-24, 24 position


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#1046  MPS-08, 8 position
 #1047  MPS-16, 16 position
 #1048  MPS-24, 24 position