Custom and Standard Industrial Embedded Single-Board Computers Since 1992.

Picture of Single Board ComputerDesigns and manufactures custom embedded single-board computers and RTU hardware and software.  We write programs that connect a PC to a single-board computer using modbus, SDI-12, and proprietary protocols.  Modbus applications can operate remotely with a 10 watt solar panel.  Peripheral communications are via RS-232 or RS-485.  Recent embedded system applications include radio controlled water irrigation controls and data loggers, vehicle and asset tracking using GPS, and factory automation.  Our specialized controllers measure and focus photon beams used in research, are used in solar energy charging stations, and are used as soil analyzers for automated farming.  Give us a call to discuss your RTU project requirements.

 Custom Design for Unique Embedded System Applications

Case enclosure for single board computerQuick Links to Popular Products:

Core Computer with 4-20 mA.  RPC-2350 Data Sheet

Low Power, RoHS LeafRoHS Compliant Board  RPC-320 Data Sheet

Computer with 12 Bit Analog I/O, Counters RPC-330 Data Sheet

Small size, Low Power, RoHS LeafRoHS Compliant Board  RPC-210 Data Sheet


Easy setup in as little as 5 minutes.  Development systems include application programs for fast embedded system project development.  

Our Products section shows only about 1/3 of what we make.  The rest are custom/proprietary.  We can design a custom embedded controller and software to meet your specifications.  Drop us a line to discuss your embedded system requirements.