Manufacturers of Custom and Standard Industrial Embedded Single-Board Computers

Modifying or customizing a board........

There is no one off the shelf single-board computer that perfectly fits all applications. You may want a little more of something, and don’t want to pay for some extras. We can, when sufficient quantities are involved, modify or design and manufacture a single-board computer to suit your needs.

When is it worthwhile to customize a single-board computer? There are two kinds of customization: 1) Remove/not install unused components on a standard product. Other possibilities include changing resistor values. 2) Design a single-board computer based on an existing model.

The first option may save some cost. If a part is surface mounted, you would have to order a production quantity (minimum of 50) boards to even start considering a change. On the other hand, if a part is socketed, minimum quantity is 10. Removing parts does not always save as much as you might expect, and it will depend upon the part itself. There is special handling for the part and we have to develop new test procedures and programs to account for the missing parts.

Custom designing a single-board computer usually saves more than you might expect. You will get exactly what you need in form, fit, and function. A custom single-board computer makes sense if you expect quantities to exceed 200 units and you can take delivery of 50 at a time.

What follows is a generalization of the design process and costs. Your design and internal requirements could change the outline below significantly. The broad idea is we have a single-board computer that roughly meets your requirements.

The first step is decide if it makes sense to design a custom single-board computer. To do that, we take into account the changes that need to be made to an existing design. From that information we give you a quote for a design that includes 2 prototypes and the production price in the quantities you anticipate . Prices will be based on Remote Processing making the single-board computers (that is, after all, how we make our income). Remote Processing retains all intellectual property and manufacturing rights. We can begin the design process before any pre-payments or purchase orders are received by us. However, we do not order parts or PCB’s or deliver prototypes until we get a pre-payment.

When you have paid for 200-500 single-board computers (quantity depends upon delivery, complexity, and cost), your engineering fee may be paid off.

Production runs for single-board computers with surface mount components must be in minimum lots of 50. Quantities less than that can be done, but costs go up due to surface mount setup fees. Small lots of 5 or even 10 can also be supplied, but they will be assembled by hand.


Part obsolescence.

Neither you or I can control when a manufacturer will stop making a part. During the design discussion phase we will try to discern which parts, if any, are subject to obsolescence for your production time frame. Generally, obsolete parts are available on the secondary markets, at an increased price. We have been supplying controllers with parts that have not been made in over 10 years!

Price increases/changes

The price we quote you for production single-board computers will remain firm unless there is a substantial price change. Of course prices may change due to general economic conditions (inflation, war, etc.)

How long does it take to do a design?

The actual design process is usually less than a month. However, the product definition phase usually takes about a month. Exact time usually depends upon how well a proposed product is defined and how all of the pieces of a design fit together. If there is any research that needs to be done (i.e. verify capabilities of a component) this will extend the design time frame. Generally, it takes 3 months before a prototype is delivered. However, we have delivered simple designs in 3 weeks.

Product delivery assurance

Remote Processing has been in business for over 18 years. However, people ask "what if you guys go out of business?" What we can do is supply all the documentation necessary to build it yourself to an escrow or trust lawyer. This includes PCB Gerber files, purchase parts specifications, assembly and test documentation, applicable software, and any other necessary documentation for your assembly. This person would hold the documentation. Should Remote Processing be unable to supply the assembly due to us going out of business (not because of lead time or part shortages), the lawyer would then transfer the documentation and manufacturing rights to your company. Depending upon the product, you may have to pay royalties to a 3rd party.

Above is a thumbnail overview of a custom designed single-board computer. Please call us at 303-690-1588 to discuss it further.