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Winch Control Used on Oceanographic Vessels

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"These instruments are used on the decks of ocean vessels from the equator to the poles, and operate at a full temperature range."
       - Rick Burke,  Measurement Technology Northwest

Measurement Technology Northwest is a manufacturer of engineered products and systems including a line of oceanographic and industrial winch instrumentation products.  Developed to be used on board oceanographic research vessels, these winch instruments monitor the load, reel line in or out, determine line tension,  and network data to remote terminals and logging devices.
 A customized version of the 2350 operates the LCI series winch systems.  A vital factor in choosing this board was the multi-function capability of the board.  All of the features of the 2350 board are being used in this operation, including the network capability to transmit data from the winch through a serial network to other remote displays and logging devices.  Also, the analog input and output functions are being utilized.  The embedded controller chosen for this application had to operate in a wide temperature range.  Capable of handling the shock of an anchor being dropped overboard, these instruments are designed tough to withstand a severe range of temperatures and vibrations.
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