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LCD Character Displays


Picture of an LCD Character Display

These high  contrast LCD character displays have LED backlighting, which you can control separately from the displays.
 Displays come with a cable that connects to the display port on the RPC card.  You control the contrast from the RPC card.  Use the "DISPLAY" statement to position and write characters.
 Viewing Angle:
40 degrees, adjustable with contrast control
 Character Height:
LCD-4x20: 0.16"
 LCD-4x40: 0.19"
 Power Requirements:
LED Off:  LCD-4x20, 5mA
 LED Off:  LCD-4x40, 15mA
 LED On:   LCD-4x20, 250 mA
 LED On:   LCD-4x40, 350 mA
 Size (LxHxD):
LCD-4x20:  1.52" x 3.66" x 0.9"
 LCD-4x40:   2.13" x 7.48" x 0.9"
 Ordering Information
#1032 LCD-4x20 w/cable, 80 character
 #1033 LCD-4x40 w/cable, 160 character
 #1723 LCD-4x40 w/cable, 160 character for the RPC-220