Manufacturers of Custom and Standard Industrial Embedded Single-Board Computers

Remote Processing Hardware Manuals are available to download in PDF format.

In PDF format:

CX-10 Embedded Single-Board Computer with Modbus

RPC-150 Embedded Single-Board Computer

RPC-210 Embedded Single-Board Computer

RPC-220 Embedded Single-Board Computer

RPC-320 Embedded Single-Board Computer

RPC-330 Embedded Single-Board Computer

RPC-2300 Embedded Single-Board Computer

RPC-2350 Embedded Single-Board Computer

RPC-52 Embedded Single-Board Computer

RPC-30 Embedded Single-Board Computer

Software Manuals - In PDF format:

CAMBASIC Programming Guide

BASIC 52 Programming Guide

BASIC for the CX-10 Modbus Programming Guide

Terminal Program

RPTERM is a simple terminal program.  Use it to upload, download, and run programs in a modern(95+)

Windows(R) environment.  It works with all Remote Processing boards with BASIC.

Installation  is a two step process.  First, download the program to your PC into a temporary directory (about 2.6M).  Run RPTERM.EXE.  The program will then extract 4 files.  Run SETUP.  You will then be prompted to install this program in the usual fashion. 

Application Programs

Below are application programs written for our boards.  They are intended as a show-me-how instructional.  However,  people have taken one of the programs they feel most closely fits their application and built upon it.

As with all free software, this is provided "as is" with no warranty and not necessarily with any support.


   File name                  Description

C Programs         (299K)  C and assembly programs for RPC-320 & 330. Used with RP-10.                                                                   (1.8M)  Demo programs in C for RPC-220.

BASIC Programs       (22K) General Basic programs for RPC-320, -330, and-210.  Not including programs.                                                                                                                    (872K)  RPC-210 Basic programs with PDF files for  some devices on board.                                                                        (256K) RPC-210 Basic programs without all PDF files.

MODEM.bas       (17K)  Modem control program for RPC-320, -330, and -210. Can answer a call while performing its main process control and/or monitoring task .

NET3XX.bas       (8.9K) RS-485 networking example for RPC-320, -330, and -210.  Monitors incoming message, parses out unit ID and command.  Similar to CAMNET for CAMBASIC.      (754K)  CAMBASIC demo programs with font source files, .BMP to .HEX converter programs.  PDF files for some devices on board.  Includes CAMNET stuff. 

CAMNET.ZIP      (39.8K)Basic programs for RPC-2350.  Can work for RPC-2300 and -150 with RS485 adapter.  Includes PC software.  Use as a basis for your own networking program.