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"The 2300 is a very rugged, well built board. I have the confidence of taking that board anywhere and it will do anything I want. I can come back, years later, and it will still be running."

     - Mitchell Netherton,  Sterilizing Systems

Sterilizing Systems develops computerized sterilizers and washers serving many industries including Government, Corporations, Universities, and Hospitals.  Sterilizing Systems sets up the entire system to include steam, heat, pressure and vacuum cycles, depending on the needs of the customer.  This application required an embedded controller capable of processing many controls for monitoring temperature and pressure.

Each unit is programmed for the customer with at least 10 pre-loaded cycles.  The operator simply loads the unit, closes the door, presses a number corresponding to the type cycle desired, and presses "Enter" to run that cycle.  In addition, a separate key is provided for loading a custom cycle.  When this key is pressed, the display prompts the operator to enter sterilize time, dry time, temperature, etc.  One key is designated to set the time and date and another provides access, with the proper code, to the setting and service sections.  If a door opens or power goes off during a cycle, the controller will terminate the cycle, and release steam in the chamber according to the type of cycle which was selected.  This information is stored in battery backed RAM.  A run summary is printed showing detailed information about the run.
 The RPC-2300 embedded controller was selected  to operate this system, mainly because of the large amount of input and output ports.  Six analog inputs are used in this system, to control many valves and switches to the equipment.  A keypad is connected for input during the process.  Battery backed RAM was necessary for this operation, to allow for power outages, or other breaks in the program cycle.  The entire process is monitored on the display screen.  Output is processed through a serial port to the printer.
 The system has proven reliable, and has been validated with FDA approval.  Metrology technicians have described calibration as "a piece of cake".  This board is easy to go out into the field and update to customer needs.  According to Mr. Netherton, "Basically, what we tell the customer, is we will make the system do what you want".
 Sterilizing Systems is located in Alpharetta, Georgia, and can be reached at the following address:

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